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  • Witches, Wharfs, and Wonders: Salem, MA

    Dive into the enchanting world of Salem, Massachusetts. From the spine-chilling tales of the Salem Witch Museum to serene strolls along Derby Wharf, uncover a mix of history, mystery, and coastal beauty. Plus, discover must-try dining spots and exciting upcoming adventures with BAM. Experience Salem like never before!
  • Experience Timeless Tranquility: Mackinac Island

    Join us on a captivating journey to Mackinac Island, where we'll explore natural wonders, dive into rich history, and savor culinary delights. From the towering Arch Rock to the lush Grand Hotel Flower Gardens, from the irresistible Mackinac fudge to the island's freshest seafood - we'll guide you through the best of what this timeless sanctuary has to offer. Experience the tranquility of Mackinac Island with BAM from August 11-13, 2023, and discover the allure of a world where the simple pleasures of life take center stage. Dive into our blog post for a sneak peek of the adventure that awaits!
  • Savor the Summer: Panama City Beach, Florida

    Experience the enchanting allure of Panama City Beach, Florida. Sun-kissed beaches, playful waves, and a cornucopia of flavors await you in this summer paradise. Unveil your dream beach getaway.
  • Unearth the Magic of New England

    Embark on a mesmerizing seven-day adventure through New England's rich history and natural beauty. Experience sandy shores, historic landmarks, picturesque towns, and a vibrant culinary scene in this captivating journey.