BAM Frequently Asked Questions

BAM's #1 Priority is the Safety of our Travelers!

  • Booking is easy! Just go to
  • Browse our available trips
  • Follow the prompts to reserve your seat and make a secure payment
  • Contact us with any questions or concerns!
  • Visit the Customer Payment Portal
  • Login using the email you booked with
  • You can make any size payment you want anytime before your trip's payment deadline.
  • Remember, if you've used a third-party payment method (like ShopPay, PayPal, MetaPay, G Pay, or Venmo), make sure to follow your agreed payment schedule with them.
  • To make a payment for a trip you booked online using ShopPay, please log into the Customer Payment Portal with the email you booked with.

BAM accepts a variety of payment methods, customer’s choice!
Payment Methods:

  • ShopPay: A quick and secure way to checkout via Shopify. It saves your information for future purchases. Pay in full or, if eligible, divide your purchase into four equal, interest-free installments. You can make a payment or pay it off in full at any time.
  • PayPal: A fast and safe way to checkout. Select 'PayPal' as your payment method, then log into your PayPal account to complete the checkout. PayPal may offer payment plans, subject to eligibility.
  • MetaPay: A convenient checkout method using your Facebook account information. Meta may offer payment plans, subject to eligibility.
  • G Pay: A trustworthy platform allowing you to checkout using your Google account information. Installment options may be available through G Pay, subject to eligibility.
  • Venmo: Pay at checkout by scanning the Venmo QR code under 'Express Checkout' using your Venmo App.
  • Debit/Credit Cards: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
  • Checks: Please contact BAM for secure trip verification before sending a check.

Remember to check the specific terms, conditions, and eligibility requirements for each payment method. Happy shopping!

  • Yes, we offer payment plans to make your trip more manageable.
  • The payment options depend on whether you purchase online or not.
  • If you purchase online, choose ShopPay at checkout. Here's how it works:
    • Select Full Payment and Add to Cart.
    • In your Cart go through and Sign and Checkout.
    • Choose ShopPay as your payment method and log in.
    • Select 'Pay in 4 installments' or whichever option you want.
    • Pay the first installment upfront.
    • The rest will be automatically charged to your card every two weeks.
      • You'll get email reminders before each payment.
  • If you aren't approved for ShopPay or you're not purchasing online, it all starts with a deposit!
    • Once you have paid your deposit, you can make payments of any amount toward the cost of your trip
    • Pay in full any time prior to the deadline for final payments.
      • For our Weekend/Red Eye trips, the deadline for final payments is 45 days prior to departure.
      • However, for longer trips, the deadline may be earlier due to strict third-party guidelines and limits on deposit reimbursements.
      • The specific deadline for each trip will be provided in the trip description.
  • Missed the booking deadline? Don't worry!
    • If there's still availability for your desired trip and you need a payment plan either book with ShopPay or with a nonrefundable Deposit only
    • Contact BAM immediately to make a payment arrangement.
  • Make sure you complete the registration form.
  • Contact us if you have additional questions.

Locations vary each tour; please check the Tours page or Facebook event page.

Main Locations:

  • Louisa, KY
  • Pikeville, KY
  • Maysville, KY
  • Morehead, KY
  • Ashland, KY
  • Lexington, KY
  • Chillicothe, OH
  • Huntington, WV
  • Sutton, WV
  • Knoxville, TN

Yes! Always check the BAM Facebook and Instagram for surprise offers as well as our standard discounts below.

  • All Active Duty Military and Veterans with Military ID receive $15 off Weekend /Red Eye trip, $25 off Overnight trip, and $40 off Multi-night trip.
  • Join BAM's Birthday Club and receive a special surprise on your birthday! Plus be entered into a monthly birthday drawing for a prize.
  • There are absolutely no hidden fees!
  • BAM’s prices include Motor Coach driver’s gratuity and everything advertised for each trip.
  • We recommend that you bring additional funds for food and any comfort items, souvenirs, or purchases you may choose to make while out. Recommended amount depends on your personal budget, length of trip, and any excursions you take while exploring the destination.
  • We also recommend travelers insurance, at your discretion.
  • BAM cannot be held liable for injury or loss of property.
  • A Red Eye trip refers to a type of travel experience that is designed for individuals who have limited time but still want to go on a trip.
  • It involves overnight travel by motor coach, typically departing on Friday evenings and arriving at the destination on Saturday morning.
  • The return journey takes place on Saturday night, with travelers arriving back home on Sunday.
  • During the trip, all travelers sleep on the motor coach, eliminating the need for separate accommodation arrangements.
  • To provide some comfort and convenience during the journey, the motor coach makes a stop at a truck stop located approximately an hour outside the destination.
    • This break allows travelers to freshen up and change clothes if needed. Showers are available at the truck stop for all travelers who wish to use them (if time permits).
  • Red Eye trips are ideal for those who want to make the most of a weekend and explore new places without taking time off from work or other commitments.
  • They provide an opportunity to experience a destination within a short timeframe, making them particularly suitable for individuals with limited availability.

The Motor Coaches we use prioritize your comfort and offer a range of amenities for an enjoyable journey. Here's what you can expect onboard:


  • Onboard bathroom available for your comfort and convenience.
  • The temperature inside the bus is typically maintained at around 68°F (20°C), ensuring a pleasant environment throughout your ride.
  • The seats on our Motor Coaches can be adjusted for reclining, allowing you to find your desired level of comfort. We kindly ask that you consider the comfort of fellow passengers by communicating with the person behind you before reclining your seat.

Entertainment and Connectivity:

  • Wi-Fi access onboard
  • Low voltage electrical outlets to charge your devices
  • TVs for enjoying movies

Please note that amenity accessibility may vary and cannot be guaranteed at all times.

  • Group seating is easy and convenient.
  • Simply mention the names of your group members when filling out the registration form.
  • We'll assign you seats close to each other, regardless of whether you pay together or separately.
  • Invite your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors to travel with us.
  • Enjoy the journey together!

Yes, at your own discretion. BAM Tours is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • We recommend travel insurance. Insurance is entirely separate from BAM Travel Tours and costs additional.
  • You should have adequate travel, baggage, accident, cancellation, and sickness insurance.
  • Make sure to read the policy thoroughly before purchasing.
  • Individual travel insurance is available through several companies:,,, or
  • Note: Insurance usually needs to be purchased within 10 days after you make your initial deposit.
    • Make sure to opt for the pre-existing conditions waiver.
    • Keep copies of all invoices, trip itinerary, receipts, and cancelled checks.
    • You have to insure 100% of the trip or the insurance will be void. That includes any prepaid plans you might make before arriving at the destination.

Here's a list of items you should consider packing for your bus journey:

  • Carry-on suitcase: Each passenger is allowed one carry-on size suitcase that will be stored under the bus.
  • Pillow and blanket: Bring a pillow and heavy blanket for added comfort.
  • Phone charger: Make sure to pack a phone charger to keep your device powered throughout the trip.
  • Small backpack/purse: Bring a small backpack or purse to keep your essentials easily accessible.
  • Comfortable shoes: Wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for walking and provide support.
  • Earplugs and sleep mask: If you're sensitive to noise or lighting, consider bringing earplugs and a sleep mask to help you rest better.
  • Medications: Don't forget to pack any necessary medications you may need during the journey.
  • Snacks: You're welcome to bring snacks to enjoy during the bus ride. However, please be mindful of any strong-smelling or messy foods that may inconvenience other passengers. Only containers with lids are allowed.
  • Additional Funds: Bring money for emergencies (like unexpected overnight stays), food, and any activities you want to do.

Access to luggage: You will have access to your stored luggage at any of the stops before reaching the final destination. However, once you arrive at the destination, you will not be able to retrieve your stored luggage immediately.

Remember to pack within the limits and guidelines provided to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for yourself and your fellow passengers.

  • The frequency of stops on our trips varies based on the type and length of the journey.
  • We strive to balance comfort and travel time for our passengers.
  • During your trip, we will make our final stop before reaching the destination approximately an hour out.
    • This stop provides an opportunity to freshen up, with optional shower facilities available (if time permits).
  • Please note that circumstances may arise that could cause a delay in our arrival time or our return home.
  • The rules and policies of hotels/motels, airlines, and other businesses are beyond the control of BAM Tours and associated risks are borne by the customer and not BAM.
  • BAM Travel Tours cannot be held responsible for any additional cost incurred while traveling.
  • We love our travelers and do everything in our power to ensure an amazing trip.

Terms & Conditions, Cancellation Policy, Fare Charges, Taxes and Fees

By purchasing a ticket to ride with BAM Travel Tours, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • No Refunds Policy:
    • BAM has a No Refunds Policy, under any circumstance.
    • BAM Credit may be issued if certain criteria are met.
    • If the seat(s) are resold, travelers can use BAM Credit within one year from the date their resold trip was originally scheduled.
    • Requests must be issued to
    • Deposits will not be credited, refunded, or transferred.
  • Trip Cancellation by BAM: If the trip is cancelled by BAM, you can request a full refund instead of a BAM Credit or transfer to another trip by emailing BAM at when the trip is canceled.
  • Delays and Transfers:
    • BAM is not responsible for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, road conditions, weather, or other factors beyond its control.
    • Arrival times are approximate and may change due to traffic conditions.
    • In case of an emergency, BAM reserves the right to transfer passengers from one vehicle to another.
  • Passenger Conduct:
    • BAM reserves the right to refuse transportation to individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • No Smoking Policy: Smoking is strictly prohibited on all BAM Travel Tours motor-coaches.
    • The driver or dispatcher may also deny transportation if they believe the passenger poses a risk to the security or health of the driver or other passengers.
  • Ticket Purchasing:
    • Tickets can be purchased online at BAMTRIPS.COM
  • Reservation Policy:
    • All reservations are valid only for the selected date and time.
  • Check-in and No-Show Policy:
    • Passengers are required to check-in at least 15 minutes before departure.
    • Failure to do so may result in BAM assuming you are a no-show, and your seat may be assigned to a standby passenger.
  • Fare Charges:
    • Fares are charged on a per-seat basis and are disclosed at the time of reservation.
    • The fare for a seat is locked only after the reservation has been paid for.
    • Subsequent price changes, discounts, or specials will not be adjusted after the sale.
    • Fares may be higher during certain holiday periods.
    • BAM reserves the right to change fares at any time.
  • Taxes and Fees:
    • Fares may be subject to taxes and processing fees, which will be added to the ticket price if applicable.
    • These fees are non-refundable unless otherwise noted.
    • Refunds and exchanges may also be subject to taxes and processing fees, which will be added to the ticket price if applicable.

Thanks for Traveling with BAM!